January 14, 2024

The transforming power of community

Yesterday a woman came to me after worship and told me with tears in her eyes that being a part of our community of faith has radically transformed her life.

I was grateful for her comments and her spirit. And after she left my presence, I started to think about what brought about this transformation and also about the value of a congregation in which people can have ample opportunity to interact with lots of other people and with the leadership. Mega-churches are making themselves quite well known in our community, and generally I am grateful for their work. Yet I am especially grateful for small and medium-size congregations in which people find themselves as integral parts of the community's worship, education, fellowship, service, and fun. BIG resonates with a culture in which fewer and fewer companies control the market. But just for me, I like to be where people know my name, and I know theirs.