About Us

Our Mission

The mission of First Lutheran Church is: to live and grow together,  following Christ’s calling to love, serve, and welcome our neighbors.

Our Vision

As sinners drenched in God’s grace, we are a vibrant family of faith seeking a deeper connection with Jesus, each other, and the world.

Our Values 

  • We believe that the church has deep roots but always must be open to change. We are rooted in tradition but hospitable to reformation.
  • We trust that God in Christ is hospitable to the world and that the center of our calling is hospitality and the fellowship that accompanies hospitality.
  • We know that the journey to follow Jesus involves a life-long commitment to learning.
  • We value diversity in all of its forms, thriving particularly on the interaction between the generations and between those from different socio-economic backgrounds.
  • We treasure the gifts that come from the visual, dramatic, and musical arts.
  • We think that the faith is too much of a gift from God for us to take ourselves or our opinions too seriously. We want a sense of holy hilarity to characterize our life together. 
  • We believe that the church is most faithfully the church when it is deeply connected to its community and oriented toward the world.
  • We are convinced that the journey outward into service in the community is best accompanied by the inward journey of prayer and theological reflection.