August 22, 2023

It's All Sacred

Yesterday I was interviewed by a young NPR reporter about our solar project.

What intrigued me the most during the interview process was how surprised the interviewer was by how we do church, that lots of people from non-church groups were in our building, that we think a lot about issues of public import. I got this sense that for her that she had been taught that religion dealt primarily with issues related to private spirituality, that it is a single dimension in life. It deals with the sacred, not the secular. In some ways, we do deal with the sacred. We just happen to think it's all sacred. Getting your body moving through pickleball and basketball is sacred. Reflecting on the future of the planet, the quality of its air and water is a sacred enterprise. The reporter was taken by our approach, as if this is how she thought all along. The interview made me think that we need to do a better job of highlighting our way of talking about faith. More searching young people shouldn't be surprised that we often think in the same way that they do.