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Welcome to Pastor Bill Uetricht's Blog!  He looks forward to sharing his thoughts with you regarding the life of our congregation and our work in the world.


November 16, 2020
Truth Decay
by Pastor Bill Uetricht

I heard a term yesterday that gets at what I worry so deeply about for our common life: "truth decay."

November 15, 2020
To be Human...
by Pastor Bill Uetricht

To be human is to long for the bigger, the transcendent.  People will seek that in one way or another. 

August 20. 2020
Mask Up!
by Pastor Bill Uetricht

This may seem weird to you. But there is something energizing for me when I watch people put on their masks as they enter stores. It's as if we are in this together, as if together we are fighting an enemy.

August 17, 2020
Moving Beyond Purity
by Pastor Bill Uetricht

This past weekend, Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew confronted us with the limits of purity. Most religion and most politics begins in purity. That's normal.

July 2020
Our Return to In-Person Worship
By Pastor Bill Uetricht

We are ready now to announce that First will begin hosting in-person worship starting the first week of July. (And I say this recognizing that this decision may be altered if the data in the State warrants it.) We are committed to making these experiences as safe as we can make them. We will be unable to eliminate all risks, but we will do our best to reduce risk. You will be the major players in making sure that our gatherings are safe.


Bill Uetricht