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April 26, 2021
"This is good. This is enough. In fact, this is all I need."

I found this quite helpful from Richard Rohr today: "Being fully present to the soul of all things allows us to say, 'This is good. This is enough. In fact, this is all I need.'"

April 19, 2021
Get Vaccinated.

This is for you who are younger (let's say, under 50). 

April 17, 2021
Don't tell Grandma

Last week Liam and I did something twice that we both agreed should be kept from Grandma.  (She is more cautious than I.)

January 2021
Liturgy Reflection #12 - The Great Thanksgiving

Following the offering, we in our worship service speak some of the most ancient words of our liturgy. These words are called the "Great Thanksgiving."

January 2021
Liturgy Reflection #11 - Offering

In our worship, the offering follows the peace.

January 2021
Liturgy Reflection #10 - Passing the Peace

After we pray as a community to God, we then share the peace.


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