Columbarium Expansion Project


In 2005, First Lutheran created a beautiful memorial garden with a columbarium. You’ll find the memorial garden between our sanctuary and education building. It is a lovely place to reflect on the seasons of our lives, including death.

A columbarium is a place for the respectful storage of a deceased person's cremated remains. The term comes from the Latin "columba" (dove) and, originally, solely referred to compartmentalized housing for doves and pigeons called a dovecote.

The compartments that hold the urns containing remains are called “niches.” Our current columbarium has no niches remaining. We are adding a second columbarium to meet the needs of you who plan to have your remains or the remains of a loved one placed at the church.   

We have raised more than $10,000 so far to support this effort project and are using money from memorial gifts to add to that amount.  Approximately $6000 is needed to complete the project.  We would like to have these funds raised by October 1, so we could have the new columbarium installed by December 1 (tentative due to pandemic).

We invite your participation in this project and hope you would prayerfully consider a generous gift toward the second columbarium.  You may send your contribution to the church office or use our GiftPlus app to donate to this project. 

We appreciate your consideration and response to this significant congregational project.

If you are interested in purchasing a niche, we welcome your inquiry.  The price to buy a single niche (one urn) starts at $800.  There are also options to purchase niches that hold two urns ($900) or four urns ($1000). We will use the money sold for niches to help pay for the new columbarium. Please contact the church office or Pastor Bill to learn more about this possibility.


Lorey Montgomery
Parish Administrator
Pat Clifford