Learn about Advent

Advent, the season of waiting and preparation for Christmas, is observed the four weeks before Christmas Day. Many people have an Advent wreath with four candles, which are lit successively each week of the season until all four candles are burning. The light from the candles is a reminder of the light that comes into the world with the birth of Jesus. 

Sunday, November 28 - the First Sunday in Advent
Download the HOPE coloring sheet!

Sunday, December 5 - the Second Sunday in Advent
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Sunday, December 12 - the Third Sunday in Advent
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Sunday, December 19 - the Fourth Sunday in Advent
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Saturday, December 4 - Christmas for God's Creatures

Many Christmas legends tell about animals that were present at Jesus' birth. One legend says that stable doves gave their soft features to line the manger where the newborn baby lay. God cares for all creatures, including birds that spend their winters in our neighborhoods. Here are several ways you can care for those birds, too -- and give them their own special Christmas treat.

Download the "Christmas for God's Creatures" craft sheet!

Sunday, December 12 - The Scents of the Season

Does it smell like Christmas at your house? Research shows that our sense of smell plays an important part in our memories. In fact, smells are the things we remember for the longest time. The seasons of Advent and Christmas are full of wonderful smells: gingerbread, evergreen branches, cookies baking, candles.

Download "The Scents of the Season" for a gift idea with the wonderful smells of Christmas.

Saturday, December 18 - The Gift of Time

Do you have your Christmas shopping done yet? Are some people on your shopping list hard to buy for? There is a growing movement to give experiences rather than things: tickets to a play, a dinner out, membership in a museum -- gifts people can enjoy together.

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